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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Catching up: Wind, Sky, Car & Moving

Another couple of travelling shots, all also sea-related:


One of my favourite ways of moving: by ferry or boat. This is taken from Hurtigruten's Nordlys, which we took as car ferry, leaving Magerøya island eastbound.

The ferrying option isn't much used, though, and there's space only for a handful of cars, too, so they're brought inside by way of elevator.

My husband found it a bit daunting to manoeurvre the car onto the ramp (you don't see a thing and it has very sharp edges) and then to watch how one of the staff parked the car with centimetres to spare between two others. We were about to travel an area where two major ocean currents cross, with possible heavy, cross-current swells, but everything went well. The fun thing was also disembarking at our destination harbour, tiny Berlevåg - it was about half past ten in the evening and the quay mostly deserted, but a car with a foreign number plate seems to have been so unusual that everybody around came to take a look at it. *g*


One of my favourite times of watching the sky is at dusk or dawn. Taken at Tjelsundbru Camping, on the mainland oppposite the Vesterålen islands (the northern part of the Lofotes) in July, at half past midnight (perfect time for watching the dusk for nightowl me! ;o) ), on one of the first days the sun dipped again partly below the horizon.

Sea water foam on the beach, caused by very strong wind

We were nearly blown off, but it was one of the loveliest seaside experiences I ever had. My husband had to keep me steady so I could take pics. *g*


Sea foam is such a creative way to show wind!
Thank you! I loved how it looked like the foam of a bath or so.
Travelling by sea is one of my favourite methods too and I really like the picture of the ferry's wake.
And the sea foam is a clever response, too.
Thank you!
I rather like the idea of a car ferry with a lift for the vehicles. The crew are always remarkably good at parking cars with almost no space at all between them, on every car ferry I've been on.
I wouldn't generalise that about the crew; I've heard of quite different happenings, particularly in the Mediterranean. But so far, in Scandinavia, we've made the same experience. I suppose Siljan would've felt more at ease if they'd also driven his car on board. I was glad I didn't have to, also I've enough experience with driving on board, but that gangway was so narrow with such sharp edges at the bottom...
Ah - I have to admit to only travelling on car ferries around the Irish Sea and the Scottish islands :)