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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Reflection, Tree & Leaf


Ylva reflecting about her new life: this was taken on the third day after she was allowed outside into our large, fenced-in garden. I wonder if she still remmebers her fist few weeks of life when she was living on the street with her mom and siblings.
There's also a reflection of the skyline of our house in her eye if you look closely - you might need to look at the original image size, though, click on the image for that.

Branches of my quince tree against the blue spring sky, with not yet fully unfolded leaves.

Last week, I took a cooking class for preserving, pickling and fermenting. I worked at this station, where red cabbage and chick peas was prepared for fermenting. These are the jars already filled with the veggies, some fennel seeds, in the process of beign filled with the brine which will start the fermentation. In each glass, a large cabbage leaf is covering the top to keep the content of the glass down with the help of a fermenting weight which still needs to be added.

Now I'm waiting for the result. *g* I have two jars of red cabbage, one with carrots with parsley and mustard seeds, and one with beetroot with onions and chilies, and all four started nicely to bubble and had the right scent. Now the fermentation process needs to ripen for three more weeks before they're fit to be tasted.

(Sorry for the wrong date on all pics; I've taken so few new ones this year  already that I forgot to change it.)


Dear Ylva! I hope she appreciates her wonderful new life. I like that choice for 'reflection'.
She totally does! She's outside every moment she's allowed, and always very busy investigating and patrolling to make sure no evil will come to us. *g*
Oh, wow! I'd love to try that--the fermenting I mean.
Ylva looks gorgeous!
I am so pleased that you thought of that sort of reflecting - I hoped someone would.
Lovely cat, and very good lighting on the leaves. Obviously I'm showing my ignorance, but why would you want to ferment cabbage and chick peas?
Ylva reflecting is a very clever response.
I have made kimchee that way, but never experimented with chick peas. Sounds interesting.
I am most envious of you, for having a quince tree. It is my favourite fruit.
I hope you fermented vegies turn out well, Yiva is a lovely addition to your household.