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Catching up: Rain, Quiet, Outside

Catching up with pics from last year's trip again.

I suppose it can't get any nerdier: this is my husband, waving happily in the botanical gardens of Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland, in the pouring rain. He loves his plants so much he doesn't mind any weather visting them, and hey, that's what good outdoor gear is for! ;o)

The weather was so bad we were the only vistors, and even later in the indoors Sami museum there were nearly no people - most seemed to prefer to stay snugly at home. I found it quite interesting as well, as the gardens were giving a good introduction to the flora of Lapland, but I didn't explore as thoroughly as he, and eventually withdrew to some dry area to wait for him.

This was one of the coolest outdoor areas of a museum I've ever visited: the Loftr Viking Museum on the Lofotes. They have a huge outside area where you can watch a blacksmith and various other crafts at work, throw axes or shoot arrows, and take a tour over the small lake with a dragonboat.

We didn't go for a ride as there were too many people waiting for or time schedule, and we've already done something similar with a Viking fishing boat in Roskilde, Denmark. But it was also just awesome to watch how they set sail - and then needed the auxiliary engine to be able to leave the boating bridge as there was too little wind.... *g*

Driving up to Lapland took us three days. This was taken on the road when we took a leak, late in the evening (we were not yet in the midnight sun latitudes, but it grew dark only after 11 p.m. already or so) and after half a day of heavy rain. Nobody was there, although this was a stop on a busy road, and everything had that special, peaceful, stillness you often have after bad weather or heavy rain has stopped, and everything seems to take a deep breath.

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