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Catching up: Weather, Name, Fork & Curved

There's this saying that there's no bad weather, just unsuitable clothing and gear... well, we had the right gear and were warm, dry and snug, but still would have preferred somewhat better weather at our visito the the North Cape - some visibility would have been nice. It feels absurd to need to consult your phone with google maps to tell you where you are. *g*

This is the famous North Cape globe, some 50 yards in front of the builing, but we couldn't see it when stepping outside and had to follow the fence at one side to find it at all. Just beyond that globe, the rock ends abruptly, and beyond somewhere. We're still joking that we've been at the North Cape, but we haven't seen it, as the fog didn't lift during the three days we stayed there.

The Sami are the only indigenuous people of Europe, and have been badly abused and discriminated for centuries by the dominant cultures of the political countries that overlapped with their traditional territories, partly because of their traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle and the resulting organisation of their people. Particularly Norway is infamous for their discrimination and politics of Norwegiianisaztion to assimilate the native non-Norwegian-speaking populations, with the aim to become a culturally and ethnically uniform Norwegian population. One of the results was the prohibition of speaking the Sami language and using Sami names, be it for people or settlements. Thankfully, these politics were discontinued in the 1980s, and much has been tried to do to make reparations and improve the general situation. One visible sign was affixing bi-lingual settlement and community name signs everywhere instead of the just Norwegian name signs, made particularly important as place-names are often considered to be the clearest indication of Sami identity. Lots of Norwegians disagreed with these politics and didn't hesitate to show it, like the community sign below shows: the Sami name is made completely unreadable by shot fired on the sign...

Fork & Curved
We visited a lot of Sami museums during our trip to Lapland, and they all had really interesting displays of Sami arts and crafts. Sami are most famous for their semi-nomadic, reindeer herding lifestyle. The reindeer herders used every part of their animals, and used the antlers for all kinds of practical and beautiful items. Very typical are curved knive sheaths, made from the curved parts of where the antlers fork. As I understand the antlers are naturally hollow just before the forking, but solid at the smaller part after the forking, and thus perfect for the intended use.

Here's a second pic with better details of the sheaths:

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