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Smile please

November 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger



The baths that gave Bath its name.


Lovely and an excellent reflection! It's been ages since we were last there.
Thank you. It must be three years almost since I was there. I had meant to take a new photo but there has been too much mist and damp for good reflections - and then I remembered this one :)
Oh, I love this! It's terrific.
Thank you - I was there fairly early one morning before the main crowds arrived which was definitely the right time; later in the morning that area at water level was thronged with people.
........ That is BEAUTIFUL!!
Thank you - it is a rather magical place and I was there fairly early in the morning.
A classic picture. Looks fascinating.
I was really pleased with this one - half an hour later that area by the water was full of people.
What a lovely choice!
I'm still sorry I didn't manage to see them when I was travelling trough Cornwall and England with a friend in '88; we were staying at a camping site half an hour's drive off and mostly wanted to see the Royal Crescent and the architecture around the Royal Circus. But we were both having the flu and not up to much, and our travel guide was sadly biased towards anything older than the Middle Ages, so we didn't realise what we were missing. This happened not only there, and taught me not to rely on a single travel guide.
Thank you. What a shame you missed the Roman parts of Bath - Georgian crescents can be found in quite a few cities, but an almost complete Roman Bath is much more interesting, at least to me!
That brings back happy memories of a week long holiday I took in Bath many years ago. It's a beautiful city.
It is, isn't it? I had a lovely break there three years ago.
Really good, ideal conditions for that sort of photo.
Thank you. It was just such a good day, and I got there before most of the other tourists so there was no-one down by the water for just long enough.
I looked at this, and thought "Oh! That the baths at Bath! Then I remembered that you had posted it before, some time ago. Great to see it again.
Yes - I posted it on my journal when I went there - not long after I retired, so about three years ago, now.