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Smile please

September 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger

Jam, Feet & Chair

Sorry to say I have been on holiday, and MIA, and I am sure I have unanswered comments - if so, I am very sorry.

However I am going to catch up ... and keep up!  So here are 3 that I have missed so far (and 3 more to do) ... blow, that means it's 6 weeks I have been missing!!


 photo Jam_zpsnn5sqdtu.jpg
I took this photo when I was out for the day with a friend at a Stately Home ... yummy!


 photo DSC_0949_zps9qibuby8.jpg
I took this photo last summer ... the first time I had paddled in the Pacific Ocean (at Astoria, Oregon)


 photo DSC_0233_zpsqiqfvfre.jpg
Went to the local County Agricultural Show last week - and this was one of the exhibits for sale.


All three of these are delightful. I definitely need to taste more jam flavors.
Thank you.

Yes, I tend to stick to favourite jams ... although mum used to be good at experimenting, so I did get to try some others in the past.
It's really odd - I saw this post yesterday and couldn't see the photos. So I came back today, in the hope that whatever was wrong had fixed itself. But it hasn't. In the place of the pictures is just their name (eg - photo DSC_0949_zps9qibuby8.jpg) and my cursor won't select that text. It skims over it.
Yesterday Photobucket was being weird for me - it told me I had deleted photos yet when I downloaded them they were there, just not showing. It seems OK today, so try again, and if not I will repost using LJ's scrapbook .
Yes, I can see them now. Thanks.
And they are all really good responses to the prompts.
Coffee curd sounds interesting *she says dubiously* - a wake-up on toast for breakfast *g*
The photo of your feet is fun.
I can't actually imagine that chair will be very comfortable, but the carving is good and it would certainly be a conversation piece.
I particularly like the feet picture - it is so unusual.
Thanks - I couldn't resist recording the Pacific paddle when I was there!
I like all three, though that chair looks like it would be horribly uncomfortable - splinters, and owls in the places you want to put your arms - unless it's wider than it looks.
The chair is wide enough for the average bottom! So you are OK!!
That chair is gorgeous!