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September 2019



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marcus 2013

ffutures in photo_scavenger

Black And White (sort of)

Another one I've previously posted to Wikipedia; This is actually a picture I took a while ago using an old Sony digital camera with some infra-red capability and a filter that cut out all visible light. Anything white reflects infra-red light, anything dark doesn't.  I recently picked up another camera of this type and hope to get back into infra-red photography soon.



You know, the righthand side of that would make an interesting cover for the weirder sort of science fiction novel. (Without the cars, which are contemporary. 0:)
It's a real shame that there's no digital equivalent of the old Infra-Red Ektachrome film, which shifted the spectrum; you got people with greenish skin and their veins visible as dark blue lines, leaves and plants generally bright red, and so forth.
Er, yes, I can do that in photoshop.
some of it isn't as simple as "green becomes red" or whatever, especially around the red end of things - some leaves, for example, are very dull green but very bright red. Also the sky becomes much darker without a colour shift, etc. etc.
Mmm... Interesting effect. I like it.
Most modern cameras can't do this without modifications, but Sony used to sell some cameras with a night-shot mode for taking pictures of animals etc. in complete darkness, with the filter that cuts off infra-red light out of the way, lit by an IR light source in the camera. The only snag is that in that mode the camera is set to a fixed aperture and speed, so to make it work in daylight you need a filter to cut off visible light plus some ND filters to get it down to the correct exposure. Takes a lot of trial shots to get things right, but the results can be very interesting.
I love the way every leaf seems to stand out.
Thanks! It was a good scene for this technique.
I really like that effect.
That is lovely .... it's only as I see these it reminds me that my first photos were B&W ... although not as beautiful as this picture
To me, this looks somewhat like some French comics/ bandes déssinées of the 70s and 80s in style. It's always fascinating how much you can change when you fiddle with the colouring!