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Busy and Black & White

I seem to be posting 2 at a time, at the moment. Here are two more to catch me up.

A shot of the busy street market held twice a year in the town centre, once in mid-summer and again just before Christmas. They close off the street and it also fills the square you can just see the edge of on the right. I always enjoy wandering around it, even though I don't usually buy anything.

Black & White
When I first got my camera I spent some time playing with the various settings and took this picture using the single colour setting. I liked it because of the red around the war memorial. They are actually geraniums, rather than poppies, but the effect is the same.

PS, for those who don't know why British and other Commonwealth people commemorate the war dead with poppies and are interested, an explanation can be found on Wikipedia.
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