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Smile please

May 2019



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Stone sculpture

debris4spike in photo_scavenger

Architectural Details

This sink is from a house built by 2 spinster cousins at the end of the 1700's ... they had been on the Grande Tour, and built their house to home all the things they had bought.
 photo DSC_0050_zps7mvjnfys.jpg

This is a close-up of part of a fireplace in Saltram House, Cornwall ... Androcles & the lion
 photo Saltram_zpsagiuoey6.jpg


Quite impressive response to the prompt.
Thank you.

I truly love visiting Stately Homes ... and try to keep my eyes open for all sorts of things
Those are both really nice details - I especially like the expression on the face of the lion in the second one.
Thank you .... that lion is lovely, isn't it?
My goodness, I'm not sure I'd sleep well with that sink-head lying in wait for me!
*g* ... hadn't thought about it like that. My mum would have loved to see him in the morning, as she adored lions!
I know we're supposed to feel guilty for looting all those antiquities, but I really like the wash basin.
Oh that basin was still in situe .... although it would look nice in my bathroom!!
That hand basin is wonderful.
And I love the other lion, too.
Wasn't till I read your comment I realised that I had posted 2 lions!

Yes, that Androcles Lion is cute, isn't he?
Great choices! How awesome to have such kind of souvenirs. I imagine it must have been quite something to get them all home, though!