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architectural details

I have hundreds of close-ups of small details maybe another prompt will let me use some of those. But what I most enjoy snapping day-to-day are pics of a wider perspective of the architectural details around where I am walking. (Brooklyn was its own city back before the American Revolution--settled first by the Dutch in early 1600's, taken by the British in 1694, and finally exploded as an overflow of Manhattan after the Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1880, annexed by New York City in 1898. The neat thing about its independent development is much more so than other NYC boroughs it has its own infrastructure--parks, museums, libraries, universities, etc.)

But it has maintained distinct and identifiable residential styles from one neighborhood to another--urban but with a warm and human feeling to it. (Huge swaths of the areas I have lived in within Brooklyn are protected under law as historic districts--they cannot be destroyed to make parking lots or skyscrapers, alterations within and without are controlled also.)

The areas below are part of my regular stomping grounds.

Sunset Park Brooklyn (where I lived for four years)

Park Slope Brooklyn (where I lived for at least 10 years).
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