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November 2019



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marcus 2013

ffutures in photo_scavenger

Architectural details - Decorative dragons etc.

Some interesting details from a lens test earlier this year - unfortunately the sensor had some dirt on it for some of the shots, showing as a slightly blurry dark blob.

Decorative dragons over a bay window, a hotel opposite Hyde Park

Barker's Department Store, High Street Kensington

Natwest Bank, High Street Kensington


Those are terrific. I do think the dragons are my favorites though!
It's otherwise not a particularly interesting building, but for some reason there's that one bit of whimsy.
It is wonderful what you see when you look up in a British city, isn't it?
Got to agree with heartofshun, though, the dragons are brilliant.
It's odd - the hotel is otherwise undistinguished (can't even remember its name) but has this one decorative feature.
Edwardian and Victorian buildings have some amazing architectural features. They seemed to work on the principle of "more is more". The Art Deco plaque on the side of that building, however, is amazing.
There's a lot more of it, e.g. various plaques illustrating categories of goods sold by the store on the window frames. See this album for more:

*Love* those dragons!!!
Stunning details you have spotted .... I can't actually decide which is my favourite, although the dragons are pretty great!
I agree with what others have said about the dragons. I also really like the first of the Natwest Bank photos. The composition of the photo does a nice job of highlighting the building's features.
I love "architectural" dragons, and these are particularly intriguing. Great choice!