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November 2019



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marcus 2013

ffutures in photo_scavenger

Celebrate - the Queen's Birthday!

Bit of a cheat - on the Queen's birthday I was stuck at home, expecting some friends for a book club meeting, but did find time to try and get some pictures of the RAF fly-past. The only part that came close enough for decent photos was the Battle of Britain flight, which is enough of a celebration for my purposes:

But there will be a MUCH bigger celebration on 10th July, the 100th anniversary of the RAF, with a 100-aircraft fly-past!



the 100th anniversary of the RAF, with a 100-aircraft fly-past!

Oh wow, that will incredible!
The hard part will be finding a location that isn't mobbed out, but I'm definitely going to try.
Impressive. Did you need much of a zoom, or where they really close?
A bit of both - I live about 2.5 miles from Buckingham Palace and the flight path for the older planes is that they go in first then stay at low level and curve off to the North to get out of the way of the fast moving planes that follow. They were at low level and their path probably came within 500 yards of my house, and I was using a reasonably good Tamron 28-300mm zoom.
Not a cheat - it's good to celebrate HRH's birthday.

Nice photos
I find it always interesting to see the discrepancy between some vehicle or airplane's original time and the time such a pic is taken when you get to see such displays or shows or races and such. We had a stunt flying double decker the other day for the main local fair which also has some low-scale flying on Sundays, although the latter is mostly gliding.