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November 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Catching up: Busy, Black & White, Spots

Another post with travel souvenirs:


At the Loftr Viking Museum on the Lofotes, there are all kinds of recreated Viking crafts on exhibit, like an amazing example of an embroidered tapestry. This is the detail of a particularly busy part.

Black & White

Street sigin in Kirkenes, Norway, both in Latin and Kyrillic letters as the town is so close to Russia (the closest border crossing is just a 15min drive away).

And also a true black & white image, or rather the pic of a such. At Síida, the Sami museum of Inari/Finland, they had a huge open-air area with traditional wood buildings of various regions and groups. Each came also with a detailed drawing of how the buildings were used, what kinds of items would've been inside and so on. This was of a shack or storage shed, I think, showing a sled and yokes for the reindeer who drew the sleds, snowshoes hanging on the wall, a spindle and various containers and items for food storage and transport.


In Alta/Norway, the northernmost rock carvings can be found. Here, a hunting scene is depicted, with bears, reindeer, people, and spots indicating animal's foot prints in the snow.


Oh! These are wonderful pieces of art. What a joy to wake up to this morning.
Wow, thank you! ♥
Your choices are so creative and interesting.
Thank you!
Oh, those are all very clever responses. And interesting pictures in their own right.
Thank you!
Those are all absolutely fascinating; for example I hadn't realised there were signs in Cyrillic in Norway.
Thank you! Yes, even knowing Norway shares a border with Russia in the far north-east, it's been surprising to see them. I also hadn't realised that this frontier had been the only one between NATO and USSR during the cold war. Since 2010, a special part of the Schengen agreement allows Russians and Norvegians living within 30km of the frontier to cross it without a visa, so Kyrillig street signs make even more sense.
Sorry for the late reply, too! I currently seem to spend nearly all my time at the PC with writing, but not much else...
Writing is good... :)
I almost took a B&W street sign ... so well chosen!!
Thank you!
That tapestry is certainly amazing. The rock carving is interesting too. That you for making such interesting choices for what to post.
Thank you!