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October 2019



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Catching up: Busy, Black & White, Spots

Another post with travel souvenirs:


At the Loftr Viking Museum on the Lofotes, there are all kinds of recreated Viking crafts on exhibit, like an amazing example of an embroidered tapestry. This is the detail of a particularly busy part.

Black & White

Street sigin in Kirkenes, Norway, both in Latin and Kyrillic letters as the town is so close to Russia (the closest border crossing is just a 15min drive away).

And also a true black & white image, or rather the pic of a such. At Síida, the Sami museum of Inari/Finland, they had a huge open-air area with traditional wood buildings of various regions and groups. Each came also with a detailed drawing of how the buildings were used, what kinds of items would've been inside and so on. This was of a shack or storage shed, I think, showing a sled and yokes for the reindeer who drew the sleds, snowshoes hanging on the wall, a spindle and various containers and items for food storage and transport.


In Alta/Norway, the northernmost rock carvings can be found. Here, a hunting scene is depicted, with bears, reindeer, people, and spots indicating animal's foot prints in the snow.


Thank you! Yes, even knowing Norway shares a border with Russia in the far north-east, it's been surprising to see them. I also hadn't realised that this frontier had been the only one between NATO and USSR during the cold war. Since 2010, a special part of the Schengen agreement allows Russians and Norvegians living within 30km of the frontier to cross it without a visa, so Kyrillig street signs make even more sense.
Sorry for the late reply, too! I currently seem to spend nearly all my time at the PC with writing, but not much else...
Writing is good... :)