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Catching up a bit more: Architectural Details & Celebrate

Architectural Details

Close-up of the porch of Strasbourg Cathedral in Alsace, France. It's actually one of my oldest shots, taken sometime in the mid-80s with my mother's small old simple camera which didn't even have an exposure meter. I was only in my teens, but already preferred to take a bit more unusual shots of the typical tourist sights. *g*


Sunday before last, we visited the local Highland Games. They're well established by now, but it still amazes me that we're having these in Germany, and that things exist like a local Pipe & Drum band and you can buy a kilt in the next village over. What I love most about these games, though, is that dozens of people from Central Europe are coming here together to celebrate a culture that's not their own, and with such an enthusiasm. For our games are a relatively small affair, and very likely about the only people from the British Isles were the guys of the Irish Band playing in the evening. *g*
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