Ysilme (ysilme) wrote in photo_scavenger,

Ice & Shade


After having posted this prompt, I set out to take a cool picture of shade somehwere. And then totally forgot. Then it was cloudy and rained --> no shadow. Watering my tomatoes I decided to use them as models this time, and giving you fruits of a plant of the nightshade family. (These ones are called Black Zebra. The final result s a red tomato with nearly black stripes, and I love it how the colours change during the ripening of it.)


Small pellets of ice in our fowerpots in July....
We were having a bad drought during the last months, so the heavy thunderstorm two weeks ago was more than welcome, even so it came with torrenduous rainfall and hazelnut-sized hail doing some damage to the crop. And I got also my prompt fill for photo scavenger out of it! :o)
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