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Smile please

May 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Ice & Shade


After having posted this prompt, I set out to take a cool picture of shade somehwere. And then totally forgot. Then it was cloudy and rained --> no shadow. Watering my tomatoes I decided to use them as models this time, and giving you fruits of a plant of the nightshade family. (These ones are called Black Zebra. The final result s a red tomato with nearly black stripes, and I love it how the colours change during the ripening of it.)


Small pellets of ice in our fowerpots in July....
We were having a bad drought during the last months, so the heavy thunderstorm two weeks ago was more than welcome, even so it came with torrenduous rainfall and hazelnut-sized hail doing some damage to the crop. And I got also my prompt fill for photo scavenger out of it! :o)
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Very creative use of 'shade'. Yum, tomatoes.
Thanks! :o) I wish I could bring you a bow, and some zucchini, too.
That is a clever interpretation for the first prompt *g* And they do look like very interesting tomatoes.

And hale is a good response for ice.
Thank you!
Those tomatoes are really fascinating - I always think it is a shame I don't like them more!

And hail! I guess it made for better watering for the plants as it melted in rather than flooding them.
I love home-grown tomatoes to pieces, they taste just so different it might be a different veggie altogether IMHO.
You could indeed think that about hail. But the damage the hail does to the plants and leaves far outweighs any benefit it has! Also, for most plants, the amount of hail needed to give them the water they need woud cause them ice damage as well, I fear. *g* Not that I want to try it out.