Deborah (debris4spike) wrote in photo_scavenger,

Sleep, Dry, Fresh & Web

Just doing some catch-up before it's my turn to think of some themes!!

Sleep -
I have just had a 3-centre holiday, and this was my hotel room for the first city, Prague
 photo Hotel Duo 1_zpsqa8laq1n.jpg

Dry -
While in Budapest I went to a Gypsy show, and we had a carriage ride at the end
 photo DSC_0513_zpsfn4y7het.jpg

Fresh -
I went to the Devon County Show, and look at this display - fresh veggies
 photo DSC_0238_zpsxoarvnqp.jpg

Web -
A Screen Print of Google, and LiveJournal .... both showing the WWW, ie the World Wide WEB
 photo Untitled_zpsuyrxszon.png
Tags: debris4spike, dry, fresh, sleep, web

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