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Can, fresh & dry

I don't find the time to go picture hunting these days, as we're busy with a major house maintenance project that takes a lot of time and energy. I wanted to find something not so obvious for "can", but ended up with using an earlier pic of this summer with the yield of two buckets full of mirabelles I got from my mother:


They're not all in this pic, but I got eleven! jars of mirabelle compote and six to eigth small and medium jars of jam and chutney each.

I was luckier with the next two prompts, as they just happened:


This was easy: fresh paint to paint our wooden house with. Although the idea to use this for photo_scavener only occured to me after I took this pic, which I took for the vendor. For the colour was supposed to be a special tone of red (Faluröd), mixed to order. But definitely not this warm, dark blue we got (although it's a nice colour).


I've started to machine sew again after over three decades, and my youngest niece wanted something for her doll for her birthday. As her doll is already going to school it was easy - a set of bathing and hand towel to dry off, well-suited to my current level of just about getting straight seams right! *g*
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