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Smile please

May 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger


For once it was easy to find something not quite typical for the prompt:

The transport of my sewing machine. (If you're unfamiliar with sewing machines, here's another image with an arrow pointing to the exact detail).
Edit: I seem to have made a lingual/translation error here. The thing in question is called transport in German, at least. ^^


Interesting. I learned it as the "feed dog", but I'm an ancient Brit. ;)
Perhaps it's a translation error? It's "transport" in German, and also in the English manual of my sewing machine, but as it's a Japanese brand, so perhaps an error there? I confess I didn't look it up. I thought I'd also heard it called this in the odd video sewing tutorial, but as I didn't pay attention I might well just have heard what I expected.
"Feeding dog" is for me totally hilarious, as I can't stop seeing a wee doggie trying to draw the thread out of the machine to play fetch. *ggg* But good to know how the thing is called in English, thank you! :o)
oh no... I didn't mean to imply you were wrong. Only that fifty years ago, when I learned to use a machine, it was called a feed dog. I get your cute mental image of the doggie. :D
I know what you mean by this image ... it does get the material to move through the machine ... thus transporting it.

Well done
I'm glad the term is not wholly incomprehensible in English!
Oh - clever!
Very clever!

And my sewing machine manual calls it the Transport, too. I suspect it might have changed its name in the UK over the years.
Thanks! :o)