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Smile please

May 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger

Web and Dry

So much catching up to do, so two for now.

Web - I saw this prompt weeks ago and it stymied me, but while I was away I mulled it over and over. As a result I became fixated on a single line of poetry - Oh! What tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.

So I went looking for a copy of the poem, Marmion by Sir Walter Scott. I couldn't find one in the book shops, or in my local library, but eventually I found a copy of The Poetical Works which contains the poem. And a biography of Scott that had a picture of him on the front. Of course, that was the day the battery in my camera died, so I had to take the pictures with my ipod.

Because they are such poor quality, I am posting them small.

Dry - Dry was easier. This is a dry, mediaeval drainage ditch at Melrose Abbey.

Two down, three to go.
I need to go out now, so I'll try and finish catching up tomorrow
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You know, that line was the first thing that came to me when I saw the prompt, too; I'm glad you followed the thought through!

I really like the picture from Melrose Abbey - it is one bit of the Borders I haven't visited... yet.
Once the idea took root, it wouldn't budge *g*

Thank you.
How truly brilliant - love the web one. Also for the dry image

Great work
Thank you very much.