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Remembrance comes in many forms; national and international today for Remembrance Sunday. This is a photo I took a couple of years ago using the colour select function on my camera. They are not actually poppies in the bed. I think they are geraniums, but the colour is right.

I posted other pictures of this memorial for the 'Play' prompt in 2016

Communal remembrance also has an important place in peacetime, like that in the photo of the memorial for lost fishermen and seafarers above the Fish Quay that I posted for the 'New' prompt, also in 2016

It can also be personal - This memorial is in memory of Mark Armstrong, a mariner from North Shields. The ring in the top of the anchor is metal and behind it is a "Monkey's fist knot".

Except, this might be communal too, because the inscription reads: "Erected to the memory of Mark Armstrong of North Shields, Mariner, aged 25 yrs. Who was drowned in the River Tyne, Febry 16th while exerting him-self with his brother seamen during the great struggle for the rights and freedom of British seamen. This memorial is placed here by his brother seamen and a few friends in North and South Shields, Tynemouth and the vicinities as a mark of respect.
I am anchored here below with many of our fleet. But once again we must set sail, our admiral Christ to meet.
At the base of the stone is a carved upturned hull of a boat.
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